Friday, December 23, 2011

the rest of Captain America (2011)

this scene sure looks familiar.  and until recently, I would have thought it played out the same way it did in the comics.  Bucky's death was one of the few deaths in comics that meant something, as he stayed dead no matter how much Cap wanted him back.  not any more.  weak and lame.

one of the main problems with this movie is the way it's lit- the color scheme.  all that blue washes out everything, making it hard to tell exactly what's going on.  I know it's not "cool" to have much color in movies today, but this sucks.  perhaps it was easier to see when in the theater.  Cap and the Skull have their confrontation.  that's an interesting exchange.
add to that the overuse of cg people in the fight scenes and it looks like a video game.  the faceless HYDRA goons don't help alleviate that feeling either.
look! something with more colors!  the giant Nazi wing... has this been overused in the last 30 years or is it just me?  I sure would have liked to have seen a Nazi War Wheel though.  that would have been fun.
as Cap defeats the Skull, the (unnamed) Cosmic Cube comes into play.  we see the Skull get zapped into nothingness, but since he's too good a villain to die that easily, we know he'll turn back up.  probably with Bucky in tow.  and why didn't he use the Cube to change his face back?
is it SOP to show the movie title at the end of the movie now?  too bad about the title, but that's my issue, I'll deal with it.

overally, I liked it enough.  glad I didn't spend money in the theater on it, but they handled it well.  it is weird seeing Cap just shoot and kill people, but he is a soldier, so I suppose that's part of the job.  I do think they missed an opportunity to make a couple movies in WWII before sending him to the present, but I realize they have to capitalize on the hero movie trend while it's hot, as it will start to slow down eventually.

I've now seen all the Marvel movies before the Avengers show up, which might be interesting.  the after credits was pretty boring though.

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