Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sword of the Atom

we start out with an episode of "The Currys" which means Aquaman/Arthur is singing to the audience.  it's Tuesday, the night he teams up with Batman to go out and fight crime.  but this being a sitcom, things never go as planned...

he's forgotten something.  anyone want to hazard a guess as to what it is?  if you guessed the cliche` of "wedding anniversary" you'd be correct.  you know, when various shows spoof sitcoms even this has become a cliche`.
Batman treats us to a flashback with the various Atoms- Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi as of now.  both have retired and Ray hasn't been heard from for a few years.
since Chronos has shown up, Batman decides only Ray can help defeat him.  it's a good idea to stop them man who changed the course of the DCU in another cartoon reality.
Aquaman is determined to get Ryan back as the Atom.  here we see him having fun with Ray's old "travel through the phone lines" schtick which can't work with cell phones.  I've read some people say they like this new personality of Arthur's, which is better than his bland original super guy attitude and nicer than him trying to be Namor.  however... he's mostly just Marvel's "Hercules" with a family now.  I like him here, though. 
in 20 minutes the cartoon makes more sense than 15 years of comic book continuity from DC.  no mention of Jean Loring at all, which is a blessing, considering what they did to that poor girl even before comics became dark, edgy and gritty.
who is the Atom? well, both Ryan and Ray have a slighyly different opinion about it.    however, I'll give you a clue: Aquaman is happy at the end of the episode.

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