Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Three Stooges (2012) trailer

I have been completely and thoroughly ambivalent about this movie since it was announced the Farrelly were doing it. never been a fan of their "humor" since it was mostly gross out stuff. while the Stooges were violent they were never gross. I also figured there would be, uh, salty language and a ton of sexual innuendo, far out of character for the Three Stooges. I really never want to hear Moe call Curly a "fat ****".

having seen this trailer I am not cautiously optimistic about the movie. looks pretty true to the characters, which is the main thing. I'm still not sure how they will do in the "modern" world, but the iphone seems like a funny bit. the actors seem to have the boys down as well, even the hard to do Larry. I sure hope I can like this movie. if not, back to the originals.


joecab said...

Perhaps you meant "now" cautiously optimistic? (I know I am, to my own surprise.)

Xenorama said...

yes, that is indeed what I meant. of course, having such low expectations of the movie certainly helps. easier to be pleasantly surprised.