Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Triumvirate of Terror

I'll never remember why I had to post about Batman today.
we start off with the only thing that could make baseball interesting to watch- a game with superhero vs super villains.  you don't even need to have beer to make this fun!

Batman is the coach and it all comes down to the last pitch.  the villains have been cheating the whole time.  can our heroes recover, or will they have to wait until next year?
after defeating Joker, Lex Luthor and The Cheetah, our heroes relax and talk about a time capsule.  nice to see Superman has a healthy appetite.  they don't know what to leave the future generations of heroes.  like it will matter...
 the villains decide they are tired of being on the losing end of the stick.  they do the old "switch heroes since they don't know our moves" ploy.  this amuses them greatly.
lo and behold, it works!  our heroes are caught and brought together in the LOD's HQ for the world to witness their collective defeat.  I have this sneaking suspicion there is too much ego there for it work out for the villains.
yet another reason this cartoon rocks, as look at our president 50 years into the future.  whoever thought of that should be given an Emmy. now.
see why whatever is in the time capsule doesn't matter?  gotta love Diana's outfit as well.

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