Monday, December 12, 2011

Varan flies!

one of Toho's lesser efforts is Varan the Unbelievable. I've seen the US version many times, starting as a kid with the 8mm compilation. it's not a great movie. some fans seem to think that Toho's version is somehow superior, and yet's even more boring. but to each his own, right?

I've written about the movie before, here. I really enjoy the monster's design, as it looks the most "real" of the early Toho monsters. here's the missing flying scene. we all knew about this growing up- many of the books described Varan as a "rocket powered flying squirrel" which makes no sense at all when you see the movie. how did they know he flew if it had been cut from the US version?


Anonymous said...

I recently got a chance to see the US version of VARAN in 35mm on the big screen in Franklin, Indiana (as part of the B-Movie Celebration). I've always detested the US version, but I have to say that it plays better on a theater screen with an enthusiastic audience. The crappy pan-&-scanned EP video transfer I have really hurts the film, too. It's really not a classic, but it's more fun than the boring Japanese version (which is a cheap imitation of the original Godzilla).


David McRobie said...

I would love to see this movie "restored". I'm glad someone has a 35mm copy out there. let me know if you ever get a copy!