Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Avengers: A Day Unlike Any Other

the title of this final episode of the first season should be very familiar to long time Avengers readers, since it appears in the front of almost every issue.  this episode wraps up the Loki creates the Avengers accidentally storyline in a very satisfying way.  and lots of cool visuals, like the Hulk and Hogun the Grim in a chariot.

Sif leads two other Valkyries to aid the Avengers, and this one seems very familiar to me, and very fitting the Hulk is catching her.
this is what Loki sees advancing on him.  that's some fighting force there, though with Loki still possessing the Odinforce it may not matter.
and Loki does this to Cap's shield.  there are a few times this has happened in the comics, but usually there's an explanation.  I thought for sure Odin would restore it, but... well, never mind that at this point.
Tony makes a suit out of Uru, the same metal Thor's hammer is composed of.  this should be the only suit he ever needs, though perhaps it won't work on Earth.  how did he make all those components in a dwarf's forge?
 Loki has gone bye bye.  anyone have any last words?
it's about time Odin woke up.  his punishment of Loki is right out of the Eddas, and that's pretty darn cool.  I don't feel sorry for him one bit.
sprokkin' Skrulls.  so I can only guess what next season will entail.  still, I hear the Vision will show up, and that's a plus.  looking forward to more seasons, and a proper release of the series on DVD/Blu-Ray.

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