Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avengers: The Fall of Asgard

after the shattering of the Norn Stones, our heroes end up in the various realms of Norse mythology.  since not all of them are up on such studies, more than one has to wonder where they are while trying to stay alive.

Hawkeye has a great reaction as always.  I like this version pretty well, though I miss the original brash in Cap's face all the time.  this one is about five years after that.
here's the Rainbow Bridge going to Asgard, where Odin is deep in the Odinsleep (what a cliched plot device that's become).  Loki tells the captive Thor his entire plan, which started in episode one, even if we didn't know it.  I really don't like how everything has to tie in neatly these days, origins and all.  that's now lame as well.
the Hulk has the Executioner's mystic axe.  how's that for a dangerous idea?  I love this Hulk.  he's not the smartest, but he's not the idiot that was so popular for so many years.
I'm not sure where the Panther ended up, but apparently vibranium has similar properties as Nth Metal, in that it disrupts magic.
 Volstagg and the rest of most of Asgard greet the Hulk as a liberator and get ready to storm Asgard and stop Loki.
meanwhile, guess where Cap is?  he figures out he can't be dead since Bucky isn't there (damn that "Winter Soldier" retconning) but Hela won't let him leave.

I may have to watch the next episode now.  good stuff!

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