Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Avengers: "This Hostage Earth"

Hank quits the Avengers (anyone who knows the comics knows how this will really turn out) and the Masters of Evil) manage to separate the Avengers so they can destroy them.  and set into motion the plans of the Enchantress and/or Zemo.

these Masters of Evil have improved a bit.  the Living Laser here looks a bit more formidable than he ever did before.  I'd never heard of Chemistro / Curtis Carr before, but that's no surprise.  I thought he was Paste Pot Pete for a bit, but he's not quite that silly.

Wonder Man (though he hasn't been called that yet) is still feeling not quite up to the proper level of evil and I think this will have an effect.  the Panther says he can help him but he doesn't believe T'Challa. 

at the end of the episode the Earth is safe, but our heroes are scattered through the nine realms.

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