Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Bold Beginnings"

this really is the best part of the cartoon.  there's just no way anything that follows could be nearly as great.

I would have DIED to see this as a kid.  and then bent myself into all sorts of knots trying to figure out how it happened.  I'm rather glad I'm past that stage now.  for the most part.
so nice to see and hear the real Space Ghost in action again.  Gary Owens, the nicest man in Hollywood is awesome, and really the only Space Ghost that matters.
many of the Creature King's creatures are here, including this winged serpent, the pteradactiloids, the space ape and a few more.
the Creature King must have stopped by Jupiter to free the Heat Thing, since it's also here.  none of these are a match for our heroes though, and for once, Blip doesn't save the day.  all this in six minutes, just like the originals. 
OK, onto the main episode.  Mr. Freeze has captured these three heroes. as they try to free themselves they relate the first time each one of them teamed with the Bat.  poor Aquaman never gets to finish his story though.
there are lots of funny bits in the Green Arrow story, including a small bit about a goatee.  Plastic Man's story is OK, and Aquaman's would have been funny.
this Mr. Freeze (voiced by John DiMaggio) even has a German accent and says "Wild!" the way Otto Preminger did in his two parts in the great live action series.  man I love this cartoon.

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Chad McAlpin said...

How did I miss this post? Man seems like I should have watched Brave and Bold more than the couple of times I did.