Saturday, January 28, 2012

Destroy All Monsters blu-ray

Yes, just got that today.

due to the hoopla and hype surrounding Media Blasters and the rumors, I decided I better get one of these before they go OOP, or get re-released with no extras on them.  best to get my favorite Godzilla movie the way it deserves to be see, and with tons of cool things to watch as well.  usually I don't care much for extras, especially commentaries, but for this movie, well, yeah, the more the better.

since it was the first movie I ever bought on DVD, it's fitting it's also my first blu-ray.  since I don't own a player yet, I can't review the contents of the disc or anything.  I was just happy to find the darn thing locally, and at a really good price.  bet they didn't know they could hoard them and sell them for big bucks in a few months!

anyway, I'll talk more about the disc when I view it.  but I'm glad I have it now.

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