Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Lantern (continued)

or the part in which we see all sorts of training, various villains, powers, duels and otherwise.  in other words, a lot of padding.  here we meet Amanda Waller, looking far better than I've ever seen her, but acting pretty much the same.  that skinny guy is Hector Hammond.  why can't anyone ever be clean cut?  Hector is a decent villain, but definitely not first tier.  and why do all superhero movies want to have more than one villain per episode?

OK, the effect here is pretty cool.  and that's to be expected in this day and age of CG imagery.  I wonder how it would look as only a practical effect?
our first view of Hal as a Green Lantern.  the costume is a lot of CG blended in, which works most of the time, though it's something they do because they can do it.  wouldn't it have been cooler if the costume "powered up" as he went along through the movie, showing his learning curve?
here Hal meets Tomar-Re.  last I heard in the comics Tomar was dead, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was alive again.  it's fitting that this meeting occurs, since Tomar was the first alien GL Hal ever met (screw all that retconning).
Oa sure looks different.  there's actual cities, so there must be regular people here, supporting all that.  perhaps some of the Lantern families live there with them.
ah, Sinestro.  that's Mark Strong under the make up, and he's great in this part, excellent casting.  not outright evil, but he's got the "by any means necessary" vibe down.
and here's inexplicable fan-favorite Kilowog. 
I gotta admit, I enjoy this movie, despite them cramming three or more stories all in at once.  I think leaving Hal on Earth for his first adventure, to defeat Hammond, and just hinting at the ring's origins would have been a better idea.  but no, they gotta go for "big cosmic adventure" right away.  too bad.

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