Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Green Lantern... the end

as we last left Hal, he had been defeated by Hector Hammond and had run away, being scared and all.  the obligatory pep talk takes place, and he goes back and has a confrontation with Hector. 

that doesn't end well for Hector, as Parallax shows up and makes short work of his defeated minion.  guess we won't be seeing Hector in the sequel!
Parallax is now annoyed by Hal, so it intends to destroy the Earth and all that Hal holds dear.  it's huge, in case you can't tell.  Lois, I mean Carol doesn't believe Hal can defeat such a powerful entity.
Parallax attacks, and we get the obligatory crowd running in fear scene.  I wonder how long it's going to take for superhero movies to run their course.  usually fad genres ran out of steam in 3-5 years.  we all know the BO for GL was not as good as they wanted it to be, probably not enough for a sequel.
Hal whips up some nifty "contructs" (when did that word become the name of the ring things?) to battle his foe on the planet, though they are rather mundane.  we do get to see a giant boxing glove early on in the movie).  he finally lures the thing off planet (after it kills hundreds of people) and defeats it.  for a giant evil being, it sure is kind of dumb.
Hal is rescued in the end by these three Lanterns, then there's a speech on Oa by Sinestro.  after that, Hal says goodbye to Carol and off into the great unknown he goes.

this is a smarter than having him stay on Earth for all of his adventures, as the comic book did for many years.  and Carol knew he was Hal right away, which was a nice touch.  all in all it's a decent movie.  all of the characters we know are there, even Carol's dad.  fortunately they don't call Tom "Pieface" now...
was this at the end of the movie in the theaters or just the DVD?  smart advertising.

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