Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Ted DiBiase

who knew Rachel Maddow was a wrasslin' fan? since she's from the northeast, she probably only knew Ted as the truly evil "Million Dollar Man" but those of us really in the know are way more familiar with his earlier stuff. Ted turns 58 today.

this is from his 1980 run in Georgia, where he is a fan favorite. I'm not sure what started the fracas with the hated Freebirds, but they really got to Ted this time. although four Terry Gordy piledrivers might not have been needed. I don't think Hawk kicked out of that many! it's also interesting to note his partner is the Junkyard Dog, and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich comes to his aid. had they known Ted would turn on them in a couple years they might have just let the Freebirds continue to give him piledriver after piledriver.

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