Friday, January 13, 2012

JLA- The Brave and The Bold

we are introduced to Gorilla City in the preview.  anyone who has read old Green Lantern or Flash comics knows who is going to be the villain.  it's Gorilla Grodd, or just Grodd these days.  he has escaped and Solovar is after him.

poor Wally.  this part of the episode is awesome though, since he goes through several visions of versions Barry had to endure in the comics.  hence the reason I chose all these pictures.  we get to see Wally's origin, which is remarkably similar to Barry's.
I've never read that many of the Flash stories, but these were always on the cover.  Grodd plans to destroy the city and make humankind his slaves.
Grodd has one of the best voices in the series.  he is voiced by Powers Boothe who is just awesome.  one of these days I am going to post about how great Andrea Romano is at voice casting.
this picture comes into play in a different episode, but it's still one of Wally's visions.  what is it about super apes that makes them want to devolve humans?
 I don't know who this is, but he's lucky Hawkgirl is not able to hit him.  Shayera is definitely coming into her own now.
J'onn uses his power to get one of the exploding devices.  I never knew he could become intangible until this cartoon.  he was never quite this cool in his comic book, though I liked the stories I have read a lot (even with Zook).
here's Diana stopping the last missile from destroying a large chunk of Gorilla City.  I believe this is where they started this:
the romance between Bruce and Diana.  it's very underplayed here, but this is what got the fans talking.  Bruce Timm has said they knew GL and Hawkgirl would fall in love, but this seems to have been more spontaneous.  yay!

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