Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monsters on the Prowl

I used to have a bigger copy of this set- this one, plus two more for the rest of the week.  how about a lot of Gamera in one week?  this would still be must watch TV in my house, despite all the DVDs out now.  there's just something about the anticipation of watching a movie, something that's lost these days.

I wish I knew exactly when this was airing.  we didn't get a Gamera week when I was growing up.  It had to be in the 80s, since Gamera: Super Monster (1980) wasn't released in this country til 2 or 3 years after it's Japanese theatrical run.  it was at least '84 when it aired in Colorado.

I find it interesting that they saved the best Gamera movies for last- Guiron and Jiger.  I would have watched all five movies, especially the second one, as that never aired in my area at all, so I would have loved seeing that. 

the other interesting thing is that every one of the ads used Barugon and Gamera, as you can see here.  not one of the other enemy monsters was used.  I wonder what the thinking behind that was, it's not like Barugon was any less outlandish than Gyaos, Jiger or Guiron.  I'm sure the reason is lost in time by now.


Cody said...

This reminds me of the week that AMC showed the 5 Sandy Frank Gameras over the course of a week at about 6 in the morning (which gave me enough time to watch most of the movie before going to school), except that this line-up is a lot better, considering that none of them are the Sandy Frank/international dubs!

David McRobie said...

I think Super Monster would be the "international" dub, since there's only the one made for it.