Monday, January 9, 2012

Super Giant Aquaman

thanks to Mr. Owari, I got this comic book again, after many many years of not having it.  I am not sure why I bought it in the first place, as I don't remember being a huge Aquaman fan, but perhaps it was a gift.  it's only fitting now that I received it as a gift again.

anyway, I literally read the thing to pieces.  lost the covers, then several of the front and back pages.  I think eventually it disintegrated and receded from the pages of my mind.  here and there I would remember bits of the Aquagirl story (the purple eyes are very memorable), but most of the stories I forgot completely, much like the book itself.

until recently, when I bought the Showcase Presents Aquaman v. 1 which contained many of these stories again.  I am not sure how I found this cover, I think Don Moore had something to do with it.

after many trials of getting the book (ask Chris about that, lol) I finally got to open it.  it's actually this comic you see.  the Ramona Fradon artwork is still wonderful, even if the stories are kind of dopey.  especially the last one about the shark with the human brain, which left it all up to the reader.  still, the costume looks better on Aquagirl than it does on Aquaman.

the origin story is good, done as a flashback during the main story.  I wonder if that was the first time it was told.  it's almost the same as the Sub-Mariner's, except these Atlanteans aren't so bloodthirsty.  the Human Flying Fish story... man, a lot of people were able to be adapted to breathing water through surgery.  never worked out well for them, though.

great present!

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