Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tiga 5. Day of the Monster

the carcass of a huge monster has washed ashore.  it stinks, so GUTS has been assigned to take it out to sea and destroy it.  the smell has caused some people to be hospitalized, so the locals want the monster gone gone gone from the beach.

there is mention of pollution, but destroying it out in the ocean doesn't seem to bother GUTS.  this being an Ultraman episode, you kind of know what's going to happen when they try to move it.

the darn thing, called Sealizar, seems to be made of sludge or some kind of decaying matter, as it the cables and later the missiles just go right through it.  this causes all sorts of consternation from the citizenry.
yes, another "GUTS isn't doing their job and should be disbanded" story.  or any group called by an acronym.  I hate stories like this, since it's usually done in one episode and then everybody loves everybody by the end of it.
this monster is disgustingly gooey, and there is even a slime dropped on him to immobilize it.  they also use napalm.  there's some guy following GUTS and the monster around to see how they will handle the beast.
Daigo changes to Tiga inside the GUTS Wing and is still human sized.  you really don't see that very often.  Tiga battles the monster, but it's been determined that it will keep regenerating until it is completely destroyed.
so he uses whatever beam weapon this is called and poof, the monster is gone.  the mysterious man is a reporter who forgets to take a picture.  at least he is reporting positively about GUTS.  good episode, well designed monster.

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