Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Oyster Cult- Burnin' For You

I'm not the huge fan of BOC that my pal Chris is (wow, two posts in a row mentioning him, what'd he do to deserve that? poor guy) but I do like a lot of their songs. singing about Godzilla will do that. they sang about all sorts of cool stuff, and always had a bit of a sense of humor about it as well.

this was their second really big hit, from sometime in the early 80s. as much as I love "Godzilla" it was never a huge chart hit for the band. this one was. and the band was smart enough to get some of the more gullible religious types to think they were satanic, thus getting even more kids to listen to the song.


C. Elam said...

I am just that awesome, dude!

BOC is a great band, but in many ways a typical one, too. They started out strong, then began to run out of gas. They rebounded remarkably on that album, which makes it even more unfortunate that they began to decline again afterward. Still, they have at least six albums that I think are fantastic, which is a pretty decent percentage.

David McRobie said...

and they put on a good show, even with mediocre albums or songs. that's what a good band can do!