Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ESP for metal dudes!

from the April 1983 issue of "Hit Parader" magazine.

this sort of thing is closer to my pal Chris' sense of humor, but this was too good for me to pass up.  it's even funnier that it's in what later turned into a "heavy metal" magazine.  at this point it was a fair mix of music, but not as much fun as CREEM magazine (no wonderful captions on these photos, more like a quote from the article).

they also had lyrics for songs in the back, and I've only heard about half of them.


the big news is getting any girl with psychic mind control within five minutes!  talk about appealing to horny teenage boys.  I wonder how many actually sent $11 to this place to get this astounding secret of mind control.  how would you explain that to your parents when it arrived in the mail?

somehow it's funnier than creepy, though it borders on "how could anyone believe this could work?" status.  hey, there's a money back guarentee!

for the record, I didn't waste my $11.

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C. Elam said...

Oh, that is a glorious ad. Some sad sack fell for it, too. A shame they didn't at least throw in a Hypno Coin.

Y'know, Hit Parader sounded familiar to me, and there's a reason. It was published by Charlton! That would explain that ad, as that's the sort of company that advertised in their comics, too.