Friday, February 17, 2012

exclusive interview with Blue Oyster Cult

well, one member of the group, anyway.

I've had this magazine for almost thirty years, and I don't think I ever read most of the article.  it's not like I hated the bands they were talking about, they were just kind of... there.  I bought it for the piece one the Plasmatics (the same reason I bought my first issue of CREEM as well) and the other stuff was just kind of... there.  I bought many issues of CREEM after 1982, but Hit Parader was never as much fun.  treated the artists too well, I think, with no sense of humor.
now I'm glad I have it.  things were a lot different back then, and it's interesting to see who were going to be "stars" and who actually did become big hit makers.  Rose Tattoo and Chilliwack never quite made it to the big time, and many of the one on the cover just slowly faded away.  which is pretty typical in the music business. 

I think Grace Jones is the only artist of color in the entire magazine at this point though.

anyway, Mr. Owari gets another post!  I think I should start tagging him...

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