Friday, February 3, 2012

New BLB #16- Space Ghost

In... The Sorceress of Cyba-3!

Blip discovers the gem Queen Satanori is imprisoned in, and she makes Jan release her.  she tries to convince Jan she's a good queen, but the mere mention of Space Ghost's name causes her to reveal her true nature, and Jan is poisoned by her ring.  this stops her from telling Space Ghost that the Queen is evil, but with a name like that he should be able to guess her true nature.

I grew up a Space Ghost fan and had this book, and read it to pieces.  it was produced in 1968, so I probably got sometime soon after that.  by the time I was actually old enough to understand the storyline the cover and several pages were missing. eventually the book went missing, probably recycled into it's original components.

reading it now, it's pretty fun.  Space Ghost does not fire a ray from his wrist bands the entire book, which is kind of inexplicable.  he only uses his bands to make a heat barrier around himself.  he does turn invisible and uses his will power to teleport himself (what, he wasn't powerful enough, they had to add even more powers?) the Queen has her minions ("ugly mountain creatures") make her the Spiderex, which is a pretty cool creation.  it's silver in the book, unlike the menacing green on the cover.

this might have made a nice full length movie, if spiced up a bit in the action department.  BLB had some interesting licenses from movies and TV- Batman, the Invaders, Flipper, Journey to the Center of the Earth (cartoon), Shazzan, etc. a wide variety of choices.


Don Moore said...

It never came to my mind, but yes, this would have made a great movie.

Did you find another copy of the book?

David McRobie said...

actually, both of the books in the picture are mine! so I've owned three copies in my life. I can't figure out how I got the second though.