Monday, February 27, 2012

Pitt's War of the Gargantuas

apparently Brad Pitt talked about "War of the Gargantuas" last night on the popularity contest called The Academy Awards.  it's little moments like this that still can't make me watch the entire show.

it's really nice to to hear such a respected actor stating it was a giant Japanese monster movie that started his love of cinema. that's just cool, as these movies were almost universally reviled back in the day.  I've talked about this movie a few times on the blog, and it's nice to know that Mr. Pitt has the some of the same great taste in movies that I do.

I'd like to have seen it though, as it's caused quite a stir in the Godzilla/kaiju fandom now, and apparently has also caused a jump in sales for the DVD edition of the movie.  which is a good thing.

I wonder what all his fans think of this movie now, if they order it and watch it.  I also hope he or one of his agents sends him a copy of the movie so he can watch it.  I'd like to hear his honest reaction now as well.  it's such a fun movie that I hope he still really likes it and will also admit it.

and yeah, I'm kind of jumping on the bandwagon here.

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