Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trekkies (1997)

is it me, or do many documentaries not know exactly how to end?  just a question, as many I've seen tend to wander around for a bit at the end.

the other big question that doesn't get answered here is who is the best captain?  I still can't believe anyone would vote for Janeway.

I saw this doc several years ago, and enjoyed it.  it spawned a small cottage industry of similar docs about Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons and the like.  none of the ones I saw were as good as this one.

this is hosted by Denise Crosby who was in a season of The Next Generation and then an ill-conceived two parter later on.  she's funny and respectful and always warm when talking to various fans, some of which make the mind wobble.  there's a fine line between fan and fanatic, and this doc shows where some cross the line.

none of the interviewees are treated poorly- the director just lets them talk and be themselves and lets us viewers decide.  there are some fans I think I'd like to talk to and some that just go way out into the field and I'd rather smile at them and not engage.

I've not seen the sequel, which was made in 2002.  now it's ten years old, and I wonder how people feel about the show now, with a lame remake movie out.

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