Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Destroy All Monsters blu ray

not from the blu ray release
just finished watching the movie and some of the extras on my first ever blu ray purchase.  fitting, since Destroy All Monsters was also my first DVD purchase.  I kind of like that, even though I am in general against the whole "double dipping" purchases.  but for this movie, I'll make an exception.  it is my favorite Godzilla movie.

still not from the blu ray release
it looks amazing.  I watched it with the AIP dub, and that sounded good, except for maybe the first two minutes of the movie.  when I first saw DAM (on tv, fullscreen, mono sound, with commercial breaks) there was a skip in the first part of the audio as well, so this is kind of an added bonus to me, anyway.  I can't believe the detail in the movie I can see now.  I have watched this movie a LOT and still am impressed.

I don't care much for many extras, I like trailers and docs.  commentaries rarely do anything for me, except detract from the actual movie.  I'm sure Steve and Ed do a fine job, and maybe I'll listen next time I watch.  the extras are really cool, though I couldn't find the trailers to the actual movie.

it was also really cool to see the color 8mm sound version of DAM, as I only ever got b/w versions.

this is a well done disc, anyone that thinks otherwise should have their head examined.  my only question is why is it called a blu ray?  the disc isn't blue at all...

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