Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gatchaman 6 and 7

 6. The Great Mini-Robot Operation:
Galactor creates a lot of these cute little robots to steal gold bullion from around the world.  that must be how they afford all the nifty gadgets and henchmen.

naturally our heroes head out to stop them.  man there is a lot of action in this cartoon that had to be cut out because of stupid American censors.  they use the Tornado technique to destroy a lot of the Micros.
7. Galactor's Giant Air Show:
as Ken is about to test a new jet plane, Katsenberg shows up and destroys it and many of the other planes around them.  he is armed with a whip that can slice through anything, including the Phoenix.
it is discovered the whip is made of "Whisker" which is almost indestructible.  Katsenberg's ship is made of the same material, making it impervious to the Bird Missiles.  our heroes infiltrate the mining base so they can destroy it and the ore.
while it's cool to have giant metal mantis guardians in your base, if they miss you and hit the computers that control the machines, you are asking for trouble later on.  so guess what happens?

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