Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seven Alone (1974)

this is a movie I've never heard of or seen before.  it's based on a real life family that made it halfway across the country after their parents died along the way.

wow, what a happy movie!

actually, it's got a fair share of lighter moments, so it's not all gloom and doom.  the photography is really nice, all the Wyoming country shots are quite pretty.  the music is kind of nice, in that generic 70s soft rock sort of way, if you like that sort of thing.   bleah.

but the story... the lead kid, John Sager is a class A butt nugget until the parents die, and by then you don't care if he lives, he's been so awful to his family.  he's a decent actor, so I blame the writers. 

they also have Kit Carson wander in and out of the movie at the most convenient times, to help the kids (half of whom are actual siblings).  maybe I'd like this one more if I saw it as a kid, but I think I still would have been rather bored by it. 

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