Friday, April 20, 2012

1970 Shakey's Pizza commercial

there was nothing more fun than Shakey's Pizza Parlor when I was young. they didn't always have Ye Olde Ragtime Band, but those nights were even more fun. and I really liked the pizza they made. for the longest time the only one in my area was in Boulder, which for a kid, might have as well have been on Mars. so it was a special treat to go there.

once we got one in Longmont the feeling wore off a bit. and they got rid of all the funny signs and the ragtime band before too long. it became just another pizza joint. which was sad. then most of them went out of business. about 6 years ago one opened up in La Mesa, but it was closer to Chuck E. Cheese and the pizza was awful. this commercial is really great, and that's Kathy Coleman from "Land of the Lost" as the star.

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