Sunday, April 29, 2012

Atragon (1963)

just watched this fine movie for the first time in about five or six years.  I wrote about it when I presented the trailer here (and it's been taken down, darn) and my views are pretty much the same.  it's so nice to have an uncut and letterboxed print available these days, as watching it on a small tv screen just isn't the way to do this movie justice.  though we were always happy to have seen it that way back in the day.

it's really a great science fiction movie overall.  it's kind of a shame it's not more widely acknowledged by fans of the genre, other than the smaller niche of Japanese fantasy fans.

seeing all the little details in the DVD presentation is really great.  I never knew you could see the Empress of Mu swimming away at the end of the movie.  all the destruction shots are so detailed it's amazing.  anyone who calls these cheap movies is not paying attention these days.

and it's a nice story as well, compact and to the point. Manda is a cool creation, if not integral to the story, or executed that well.  I'm glad the big snake is there though.

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