Sunday, April 1, 2012

Godzilla: Final Photos

I really enjoy this movie.  it's hard to believe it was released 8 years ago now.  it's also really hard to believe how much some fans hate this movie.  it's not perfect, but what movie is?  it does suffer from being too long, but some judicious editing could make it much better.  my pal Ted did a great fan edit of it a while back.  if only he could get rid of most of the soundtrack...
some things though, make me remember why I love Japanese monster movies.

actual miniatures are so cool.  there's just something about seeing a monster trample through a city and know that it's all "real".  these movies succeed at having real stuff in a surreal situation.  I even miss the way the military's missiles always looked like bottle rockets.
this shot of Gigan is just awesome.  it seems like Japanese sci-fi movies will try anything to be entertaining, rather than the US way of trying only things that look "real" or "heightened" real.  makes those movies that much more boring.
another great shot.  this time Angilas surveys the damage he's done to whatever city he's in.  the monster in this movie are pretty good, but few of them live up to their originals.  King Shisa really looks weird, but I think it's the way they crafted the headpiece.
and here's the battle we all wanted to see.  I'd like it (and most of the monster fights) to have been longer, but taking ol gino out in one shot is fine with me.

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