Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JLA: Fury

Aresia is a renegade Amazon.  sort of.  she's breaking into a vault with Copperhead, Star Sapphire, Tsukuri, Solomon Grundy and the Shade.  most of Luthor's Injustice Gang, who like working for her more than him.  Batman manages to neutralize all of them, except for Aresia.  it all makes sense, but I still don't like unstoppable Batman.

Superman underestimates Aresia and pays for it.  he gets the first dose of her plan, which is to kill all the men on Earth with an allergen.
Diana is surprised when she meets Aresia.  she didn't think an Amazon would turn renegade, even though Batman warned her.
Hawkgirl makes her first trip to Themyscira and gets the background on Aresia.  she finds out Aresia is an orphan who suffered a terrible trauma (both parents killed in front of her in a war) and mentions "there's no knowing how that could effect someone" to Batman.  nice touch there.
all the boys are down.  the Flash and Batman keep their cowls on, even though it would be easier for them to rest and breathe with out them all.  secret IDs and all.
Hippolyta somehow travels to the mainland from the island, and is promptly captured by the villains.  she realizes her mistake about men (well, who could blame her, really) and tells Aresia how she actually got to the island.
the final battle.  Aresia goes boom in this one, never to return.  she's based partly on Roy Thomas "Fury" character from Young All-Stars and somewhat from his earlier Fury character from Infinity, Inc.  naturally this has all gone awry in comics now, so don't bother trying to make sense of it.

it's a good story, but not one of the best ones of the season.

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