Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ultraforce cartoon

this cartoon ran for 13 episodes in 1995.  I saw it a few times, but never knew any of the characters from the actual comic.  it's on free at Netflix, and well, it's got adequate animation, and some good voice acting (and some truly lousy lines) as well as a few interesting stories.

however, I can see why the series didn't last.  it's a little too mature for the kid market, but not as good as the stuff which had DC in the name.  it's not even quite as good as any of the various Marvel toons that were out at the time. 

mostly I think it fails from name recognition.  I mean, who the heck are these people? Topaz (to me, always Jack Russel's girlfriend), Prime, Prototype- you can see their inspirations from other heroes.

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