Monday, May 14, 2012

The H-Man (1958)

watched this movie again for the first time in years.  it's a beautiful movie- in both presentation on the DVD and the way it's shot.  the colors are gorgeous.  it's amazing that we got this in all it's glory to view at any time we like.

having said that, I don't care much for the movie.  I think it's partly because I didn't see it as a kid.  it was one of those that never aired in my area, oddly enough.  then I rented it on VHS, and you don't quite have the same eyes as a grown up as you do as as kid.
blob monsters have invaded Tokyo, and are eating gangsters.  not the worst thing to have happen, but then they keep eating innocent people as well.  the first half is all about the set up, and that's the part I don't care for.  once we get to the other part, where the scientists find out what's going on, that's more fun.  still, we do get some eye popping effects here!
I don't think it's ever explained why the H-Man can assume human form occasionally, but who cares?  that's one awesomely cool shot.  the people dissolving shots are also well done.  still, the movie just lacks something for me.  I like it OK, but won't watch it for another long while.

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