Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spider-man "Sting Of The Scorpion"

we land in 1967, my favorite incarnation of Spider-man and the best cartoon theme song ever. here is the second Scorpion episode, one I desperately wanted to see growing up and never did, except perhaps once when I was very little. it never aired when I was in WV watching WDCA at 6 AM.

I'm sure this Scorpion is far too "unrealistic" for any filmmaker to use in a movie, which is sad, since it would be a natural. I thought about using the Lizard cartoon because of the new Spider-man movie coming out, but it will probably be better in 10 minutes than that entire film's running time. Spidey once told JJJ that for all the money he spent on trying to get rid of him he should have just cut him a check and he would have retired.

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