Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars (1977)

yes, I've written about it before. but since it's "Star Wars" Day, I figured I'd watch it again and make some observations.  it's been about five years since I've viewed the movie, so that's a good long time.  I only watch my favorite movies like that, so they stay special.  and despite what I'm about to say, I love this movie.  it's a great one.

needless to say, I watched the original edition.  that should be the only edition, but then I also don't have a say in that.

first thing first, about this DVD version- really Lucas, you can't make the original movies, the ones that made you all your money, anamorphic and cleaned up?  I know you don't like to acknowledge their existence, but this is the move of a schmuck.

more observations:
  • stormtroopers are the worst shots ever.  and why do they wear all that armor if it doesn't stop blaster shots?  seems like it would be bulky and hot.
  • the acting isn't nearly as bad as some "fans" claim, especially when compared to the acting in the prequels.
  • C3PO isn't a very well designed droid.  he can barely move his arms or fingers.
  • Ben pronounces Chewbacca with a "back-a" sound, and Leia as "Lee-a", not the way most people pronounce it these days. weird.
  • Sir Alec Guinness deserves any acting accolade he has ever gotten.  his performance as Obi-Wan is amazing, and adds so much nuance to the role.  his reactions to things make the more outlandish storylines later on have a tiny bit more credence.
  • man, Lucas ripped of the Martian books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Jeds, banths, Sith, Barsoom... you name it.
  • Han Solo gets the best lines and is arguably the protagonist of the movie.
  • anyone who thinks that Lucas planned the entire series out in advance is nuts.  no way did he think Darth Vader was Luke's father, nor that Luke and Leia were siblings.
that's all for now.  I still love the movie.


C. Elam said...

About the original versions, I'm still surprised people were surprised. They only got released on DVD as a bone to fans, and the versions are the exact same ones from laserdisc. Expecting they'd do anything more RIGHT NOW seems kinda like wishful thinking. In other words, wait it out. I'm sure it will happen.

But as far as that goes, Lucas himself admitted that the original negative to the first movie was discovered to be in bad shape. If he hadn't made the Special Editions at all, there's a good chance there would be no option to get them in a remastered version, period.

I think the interesting thing about Star Wars is, even if you've gone a long time without watching it, it all comes back to you if you ever enjoyed it. It's quite a good movie in that respect.

Lucas wore his inspirations on his sleeve, didn't he? That's why I have a lot of trouble with people extrapolating things like Hakaider as the inspiration for Darth Vader or (sorry) The Magic Serpent playing some kind of role in the story.

(Though for the record, I think the latter is far more likely than the former. Why am I expected to believe Lucas found inspiration in a then-obscure kid's show while he was a film student? Doesn't add up.)

David McRobie said...

I'll always think the Magic Serpent had a role in at least parts of the story, but you are correct about his influences. I just don't like people thinking he's some kind of genius for thinking of some of these names.

I know, it's my issue and I'll deal with it... lol

C. Elam said...

I have this feeling anyone who thinks George Lucas is a genius who created everything is already ill-informed in the first place. Given his admissions in his own publicity, I don't know what else to say about that.

I'm won't say it's impossible, but the whole conceit it hinges on could just as easily really been derived from folklore. But hey, I'm from the school that thinks Jack Kirby comics had an influence. Whether it was conscious or not is another story.

David McRobie said...

I believe he stole liberally from everywhere, which isn't anything unusual for creative people to do. it's the hardcore nerds that annoy me!