Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Young Samson & Goliath "The SSX-19"

since this month is cartoon month, I'm going to be trying to present a full episode of cool cartoons I love. this is one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and I am glad to have a full set I recorded off WGN back in the early 90s. it's a pretty silly concept, based on the the then popular peplums running on tv (since the fad had died down about 2 years earlier in the movies) but it's loads of fun.

his changing method is very cool, but he got those bracelets stolen in more than one episode. oddly enough, the plane in the episode is called the "STX-19". must have made the title card separately. I love the dog getting changed into a huge lion. they never quite defined the powers of our heroes, which works for ten minute episodes.


joecab said...

That bit with Goliath in lion form using his legs to give Samson an alley oop always cracked me up. And for some reason I also keep thinking of that Sinbad Jr. cartoon around this same time even though it was completely unrelated.

David McRobie said...

Sinbad, Jr will be appearing here this month. I love that cartoon, even if it's a bit sillier than this one. I think it predates Samson by a year or so.