Friday, June 15, 2012

Micronauts, the comics

I discovered the Micronauts in much the same way series creator and writer Bill MantloBill Mantlo's son did, at Christmas in 1977 or so.  and like his son, I was immediately enthralled with the wide variety of toys and figures, and all that you could change and create with them.

back then, we never knew that they were a Japanese import with their own backstories already.  they were just some cool toys that looked nothing like the new "action(less)" figures that were starting to flood the market due to the success of the Star Wars figures.  poor Mego should have jumped on that license!

naturally, when I saw this comic book in a rack at Safeway (I actually remember where I was when I bought it, and even the time of day) I was excited.  it wasn't quite what I had created in my head, but I really liked the story.   this was one series I owned every issue of, even when they went direct sales only.

the first 12 issues are the best (one could add in the 13th as well, though it was drawn by Howard Chaykin) and make one great story.  thanks to Mr. Owari, I recently got reprints of them, and am looking forward to revisiting some old friends in the near future.

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C. Elam said...

Sure hope you like 'em. But, if you were that faithful a reader, I bet you will!

I felt really strongly about that series at one time, but man, it lost me by the time it went direct sales. Not that I could follow it at the time, but still.