Sunday, June 10, 2012

no really, Marine Boy update

starting to re-watch Marine Boy in order to get me inspired to finish the dang book.  I've been writing it on and off for ten years now, more or less.  it started as a simple episode guide, since that hadn't been done at the time.
it kind of morphed from there, once I met Corrine Orr and the late Peter Fernandez.

now it's been quite a while since I've done anything on the book.  it's really nearly finished, but I have to see about formatting it properly and getting things finalized.  there's a lot of info in here, which I think would be fun for people to read.
I also need to find out which publisher I'd like to use, as there are several POD ones out there now, and all have pluses and minuses.  I'm definitely getting more inspired though, it's a fun and good show.  I'm seeing things I missed the first time around, which can only help.

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