Friday, June 8, 2012

Star Trek 2 pictures

after watching The Wrath of Khan the other day I was struck by all the model work, especially in the last battle between Kirk and Khan.  this is done in a nebula and the ships are superb, as is the effects work.  there may be some spoilers here, so don't look at the photos if you haven't seen the movie yet.

this was the least expensive Trek movie made, proving big budgets aren't needed to make a great movie.  I wonder how many models of the Reliant and the Enterprise were made for this sequence.
the effects are animated, still cartoon work, not CG.  there's an extensive CG bit in the movie, when they show the Genesis effect on a planet, but since it's shown on a monitor it looks just fine.  it was done by Pixar when they were still a part of ILM.
just an awesome shot of the Enterprise as they prepare to try a different tactic against Khan.  he only thinks two dimensionally, you see.
and this shot is even better, as the Enterprise rises behind the Reliant to deliver the death blow.  should I say "spoilers"?  too bad!

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