Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Captain America #255

John Byrne and Roger Stern had an excellent run on Captain America in the early 80s.  this issue was a celebration of Cap's 40th anniversary.  I can't believe it's now 20 years later.  reading the letters page now is interesting, as the desire of Stern and Byrne was to create the "definitive" life story of Cap.  of course, with the stupid idea of having Bucky be alive now has ruined some of it.

this was their way to try to tie several of the loose ends in contiunity, like why Cap changed his shield and his helmet, whether it was a shot, a potion or "vita-rays" that turned him into the super soldier (apparently it was all three), how he got assigned in the army and more.  it does a really good job of fitting things into that damnable continuity that has now become so convoluted and such a drag to try to get through.

reading it again, I'd say it was still the definitive biography.  happy birthday, America.

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