Friday, July 6, 2012

Marine Boy meets Cli Cli

was anyone else ever disappointed that there was no real story for this monster that menaced Neptina in the credits?  or the robot sea spider?  I always wanted to see who made them or where it came from.  mostly just to make an exciting opening sequence.

this is the episode that introduces Cli Cli to Marine Boy and us.  he lives in an underwater with his father and rest of his family.  they don't like outsiders.
they use unusual weapons, some of which one might not think would work well underwater (but then, neither would a boomerang, right?
here's Cli Cli showing Marine Boy their version oxy gum.  Cli Cli is a fun addition to the series, and isn't over used at all, so doesn't become annoying at all.  

I'm still working working on the book!