Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Batman and the Doctor

my most popular posts since I've started this blog have either been about Batman or the Doctor.  that's the Doctor as in Doctor Who.  I don't cater to any specific sub-genre, I tend to write about all sorts of things, even sports on occasion (which reminds me, I need to post something about roller derby again soon).  I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the popularity of these two topics, especially with Batman due to the inexplicably popular Nolan movies that are on display these days.

the Doctor surprises me a little more, since he's far less well known in the US.  or maybe not now, since the new series are aired on BBCAmerica these days.

of the two, the Doctor is the person I'd rather meet these days.  his character is far truer to to his roots than poor Batman, who seems to be far more a douche now.  which is why I loved the Brave and the Bold so much.  it was fun.  the sense of fun is still present in Doctor Who.

not so much in comics these days.

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