Thursday, August 30, 2012

Return of the One-Armed Swordsman (1969)

a bloody and worthy successor to 1967's One-Armed Swordsman.  it could be argued this is a better film, though it really builds on the first one. it's definitely just as good, which is saying something.  there aren't a lot of true sequels in HK movies from this time period (that would make for an interesting list some day) so that makes this even more unique.  look at that back lot from the Shaws' studio.
our hero has been summoned to a duel from the 8 Clans.  they are not nice people and want to rule the wuxia world.

really, they would have been better off not inviting Fang Gang to their little gathering, as he doesn't want to fight any more.  due to their colossal arrogance, they antagonize him into fighting once more.  and this time there's a wide variety of weapons on display, as every one of the 8 chiefs and their men use a different weapon.  slicing wheels, chains with sickles on them, daggers and of course, lots and lots of swords.
it really is a great movie and the end, well, you can see where the surprise is.  sort of!  Wang Yu is excellent in this, really giving Gang a lot of emotional depth.  get the DVD!

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