Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spider-man vs Medusa

this was my first Medusa.  I never knew she had been a member of the Frightful Four when introduced originally, and couldn't figure that out for a while.  she's probably my favorite Inhuman as well.

John Romita (Sr, we didn't have to use that back then) sure can draw sexy women.  it's probably fortunate that when Mary Jane Watson was finally revealed to us readers that it was he and not Sturdy Steve Ditko that drew her.  you all know how much I love Ditko's work, but I don't know that I would call him a "good girl" artist.  but Mr Romita, Sr?  his women are always amazing.

I first read this story in the book "The Super Hero Women"  so I got to read Stan's reasons behind the story.  danged if I can remember a single one of them now.  it's mostly one of those inhuman goes to NYC and gets tricked into being a product spokeswoman, loses her cool, Spidey gets tricked into thinking said inhuman is on a rampage and they fight for a bit before clearing things up.  it's a fun story, full of spot on characterization and some really comedic bits.

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