Friday, September 14, 2012

Avengers #32

"The Sign of the Serpent"

here we and the Marvel Universe are introduced to the racist organization the "Sons of the Serpent".  I'm sure they still exist in some form or another in the MU.

however, our heroes return home from their last adventure and Goliath is still feeling sorry for himself.  this leads Cap to call Hank out, and a small fracas ensues.  the Wasp is worried about Cap, but Hawkeye reassures her that Cap knows what he's doing.  and after two pages Hank is back to his normal self and Jan is grateful to Steve for helping her man.  one can tell that Hawkeye also really respects Cap and their friendship is evident in their little exchange.
then we see the Sons of the Serpent beating up Mr. Gonzales, followed by a recruitment meeting.  in the meeting is a certain former Russian spy.  I think it's been established Natasha has no accent by now, right?

Hank decides he needs a REAL lab assistant, not a "chattering female" and calls Tony Stark who sends over Bill Foster.  meanwhile, in Europe somewhere an unnamed doctor is giving Wanda and Pietro "diathermic treatments" will be a complete success in two weeks.

Bill gets beaten up by the Sons, and this makes it personal to Hank.  so Cap goes to SHIELD HQ and Col. Fury lets him read the files on the Sons.  SHIELD can't go after them, since they are dusting off A.I.M. and some "other stuff" at the moment.

we are introduced to a General Chen, who is very disdainful of our decadent democracy.  then the Serpents capture Cap.  Goliath has a plan, and it's to refuse to fight the Sons of the Serpent...

to be continued in the next issue (titled "The Serpents Smashed!" which seems to give away what's going to happen)!

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