Friday, September 7, 2012

Star Trek's 46th anniversary

I think the actual day is tomorrow, at least according to the Wiki page, but really who cares?  46 years is 46 years for this wonderful show.  it's one of my earliest memories (the rock monster/alien from "The Savage Curtain") and I had to be about three at the time.  that alien scared the hell out of me, and I was relieved to see it change back to a rock form every so often.  I didn't remember the entire episode, but the alien sure stood out.

suffice it to say, ST has been a large part of my life for a long time.  for the longest time there was nothing else to watch for sci-fi fans.  it was almost 10 years before Space:1999 showed up, and it was not quite ST.  it took Star Wars to get Paramount to gear up for a brand new set of movies, about half of which are really good.

and then the sequels and prequels started, followed by the needless remake of the show.  and no, I try not to add "TOS" on it, since it's just Star Trek. 

I'm glad it's been around most of my life!

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