Monday, September 3, 2012

Ultraman 23: The Earth is My Home

mysterious accidents have been happening, and it seems an invisible invader is the culprit.  Ito figures out a way to make the saucer visible.

some really cool and inventive effects work is on display in this episode.  here's the now visible saucer being fired upon.  gotta love laser beams.  way cooler than bullets or bombs.
this is another Akio Jissoji episode and you can tell.  unique camera angles and highly experimental set ups make it look really out of the ordinary.  this is where the team learns just who and what Jamila is and then they feel bad for the beast. as well they should!
I just thought this was a lovely shot of Fuji (Hiroko Sakurai)  I think she's about 18 years old at this time.  really nice photography.
here's the mutated astronaut Jamila in his final form.  lots of cool miniatures get trampled in this scene, before he disappears again.  how does one lose a 50 meter monster?
Ultraman shows up and engages in a short scrimmage with the monster.  they have already figured out Jamila's weakness is water and since we've seen Ultraman use that power before...
he kills Jamila in a pretty painful looking sequence.  I think it's explained Jamila is only barely human any more, but still, this looks drawn out.
here's the gravestone marker that says this show takes place in the far future of 1993.  this has been ignored since, but it's rather cool to see now.

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