Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Xenorama logos

I love this banner, created by Chris "Mr. Owari" Elam.  In fact, he did several banner type deals for me, including one I've used as the banner for this very blog.

but this one is really cool, highlighting two of my favorite movie dinosaurs, Gwangi and Gorosaurus.  from two of my favorite movies, in fact!
I don't remember who made this one.  I think it came from Kayfabe Memories, so I'll give credit to whoever made it if their name pops up sometime.  I never think there's enough done for the Road Warriors, so I'm always happy to see such things.
Chris made this as well.  contains nearly everything you would expect to read about in the magazine at the time.
I made this one.  nothing really too clever, but a cool effects shot of one of my favorite monsters, Megalon.
I'm pretty sure Chris made this one as well.  he's a talented guy!

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C. Elam said...

Aww shucks.

As I recall, the Xenosaurus banner was made according to your exact specifications. I just lucked out in finding really good pics of the dinos!

The others really fit into your interests well, eh? I wish I could remember if that Roadies pic in the last one had that cool ripped effect before I got it, because if not, I have no idea how I did it.