Friday, October 5, 2012

Avengers #36

"The Ultroids Attack!"

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Don Heck
Letterer: Sam Rosen

(same crew as last time, I wonder if Don was inking his own pencils at this time?)

Wanda shows up at the Mansion, exhausted.  she tells Cap Peitro has been kidnapped by a UFO and the rest of the Avengers head off to help him.

Hawkeye wants the Widow to be an Avenger, but Hank is dead set against it, remembering all too well how she led them into a trap with the Swordsman and Power Man a few "weeks" ago.  Hawk and Hank have words- apparently now that Clint and Cap are pals Hank takes up the slack.  and he says the Avengers shouldn't be a rest home for reformed super villains?  guess he forgot where Wanda and Pietro originally came from, huh?

and Jan doesn't seem to be so wary of Natasha... what happened to a wasp's natural dislike of spiders?

anyway, once they get to their unnamed destination in the Balkans we find out that the UFO is a computer named Ixar and wants the Avengers to fight in it's war.  Wanda is revealed as an Ultroid named Ultrana, and then the battle is on.  naturally at the end of the book everyone is captured...

next: "The Final Clash" (I'm going to start using what the blurb says, then give whatever title the story is called in the next write up).

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