Thursday, October 18, 2012

great Megalon news (part 2)!

remember this here post from a year and a half ago? well, there was a lot of controversy and speculation before during and after it's production.  Toho had it's say about all sorts of things, and Media Blasters was reduced to releasing a "movie only" version (I don't like the term "bare bones").  Or was it?
here's a capture of the DVD I just got.
now that has a LOT more on it than it was supposed to, huh?  and there's all sorts of great stuff there!  who knew Megalon, of all Godzilla movies, would get such great treatment?  there's even an interview with voice dubber Terry Thomas.  plus a TON of trailers... I mean, wow. 

apparently there is a movie only version DVD out there, and Media Blasters released both, either on accident or on purpose.  many fans have reported that they have bought one and been pleasantly surprised to get a loaded edition.  now of course, there are people charging up to $50 for this DVD.  which is ridiculous.

I'll have a more extensive review once I've watched the DVD.  I'm glad it was leaked out, though.


Anonymous said...

It's actually *Ted* Thomas, but close enough I suppose.

David McRobie said...

I thought of that about an hour after I posted it, but the computer was turned off and I can't edit from the phone.
alas, it's too late now. and I've done this more than once, lol. at least I got it right for the follow up review.