Saturday, October 13, 2012

JLA: Legends (18, 19)

or as some of us might call it, "Crisis on Two Earths"...
Luthor has attacked the city (with a robot slightly resembling Annihilus) and defeating it causes the Flash, GL, Hawkgirl and the Martian Manhunter (they never call him this) to be sent to an alternate Earth.  let's call it Earth 2A.  in the commentary of the second episode they say they really wanted to use the JSA, but DC told 'em no.  there's no sequel if they did!

so here we have the Flash and Green Lantern meeting the Justice Guild- that's Black Siren (Black Canary), Tom Turbine (The Atom, and perhaps a little Dynamo and Superman thrown in), the Streak (the original Flash), the Green Guardsman (GL 1) and Catman (who is Batman and Wildcat rolled into one, more Batman though, in my book).  it will be hard for me not to refer to them by their "real" names, i.e. JSA names.
Hawkgirl is a little put out by having to serve milk and cookies.  of course, she still refers to herself as "girl" so what does she expect?
the Injustice Gang, er, Guild.  that's the Fiddler, the Icicle, the Wizard and the Sportsmaster.  darn it, that's the Music Meister (no singing this time), Dr. Blizzard, Sir Swami and the Sportsman.  too bad the Huntress didn't get to be featured.  lots of fun battles going on here.
at the end of episode 1 Hawkgirl finds some interesting tombstones, and J'onn has been getting weird mental pictures.    it was pretty easy for someone who had read many comic books to figure out what was going on.  
especially if one had ALSO read Avengers #85 and #86, which feature Brainchild.  but that's Ray up there, the mascot of the Justice Guild.  GL and Hawkgirl confront him, which leads to another battle, and to Ray's death through over exertion.
the JGA decides to battle Ray, even thought it will mean they cease to exist.  one can see Catman and Black Siren have a closer relationship than some other Earth's versions of the characters...
the episodes are dedicated to Gardner Fox, and rightfully so.  the voice casting in this one is also amazing.  I like that they didn't bring the "Big Three" over to this Earth, nor did they show any kind of counter parts.  no one shows any remorse at Ray dying, either.  easily one of the best stories of the first season.

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